Hi, I'm Suelyn. I am an independent product designer based in San Francisco.

I believe that design is the choices we make, for the future world we want to live in.

For the past decade, I’ve been tackling problems in sustainable energy, politics, and education. I’ve led design at Informed K12, Hillary for America, Opower, and frog design. I also enjoy speaking and writing about “using design for good” and how to run an effective design team. Oh, and I love to paint.

Currently, I’m a design consultant that embeds myself with a team for long-term contracts. I’m actively looking for full-time design roles in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Berlin starting in the fall of 2019.



Hillary for America

As part of the tech labs team, I built experiments to move voters up the ladder engagement. This included the Literally Trump fact checker used by 2.1 mil. people on the first presidential debate. 


Informed K12

As the first and sole product manager at Informed K12, an administrative workflow tool for K12 school districts, I helped define the startup’s product strategy and tactical roadmap. After our designer left, I also became the lead designer. I redesigned key task flows to make it easier to approve batches of forms through the email and web application experience.


Opower Home Energy Reports

Using behavioral science and energy data, Opower's reports have saved people more than $250 mil on their energy bills. I led the 2-yr redesign of this flagship product to create an ongoing experience around moments that matter.


Disney Photopass

As part Disney's radical plan to modernize its theme parks, we moved the experience of capturing memories into the digital age. With the frog team, I designed web and mobile sites to view, purchase, and create keepsakes with your Disney photos.




“I had the pleasure of being on Opower's design team with Suelyn and worked directly with her on a number of large projects. Suelyn was great to work with - she's smart, a great communicator, efficient, hard working, and understands the bigger picture while still being detail oriented. She has great no-ego team mentality, is constantly improving her skill sets, and cares deeply about the product she's working on.
- David Royer, Design consultant

Suelyn is a dedicated and passionate designer and product strategist, and everyone she works with views her as an exceptional team member. She has a rare mix of user-centered design expertise combined with incredible organizational abilities, attention to detail, and holistic systems thinking. These skills, along with her graceful confidence and excellent communication abilities enable her to make every team she’s working with more successful.
- Deena Rosen, Former head of design at Opower


Suelyn is one of the most outstanding product people I've ever worked with. She excels at design thinking, deeply engages with and understands business needs, and knows how to produce well-thought out strategy and detailed end-user experiences. She is a natural leader and keeps others on the team inspired to produce exceptional work with her intelligence and intrinsic motivation. And to top it all off, she’s an absolute pleasure to work with!
- Natalie Musick, Senior director of Product Management at Opower

Suelyn is a high impact, dynamic team member who identifies (and helps refine / adjust) the big picture strategy of an initiative, while also working incredibly efficiently at the day to day. 

She ensures her designs are focused on meeting user needs and driving toward outcomes, and she challenges preconceived notions to get to the root of a problem area. Suelyn asks great questions and is masterful at connecting the dots.
- Melissa Segil, Director of experience at Sunrun



Writing & Speaking

Conferences & Events

Designing for Hillary... and how to keep fighting the fight
Talk UX: Taipei, Taiwan, September 2017, Video 

Women Who Build: At the Intersection of Tech + Politics
Hustle, San Francisco, CA, June 2016

How To Shape Users' Behavior, In 4 Steps
Action Design Meetup, San Francisco, CA, July 2016

Behavioral Design Workshop
Power Up Energy, Miami, FL, February 2015

Design for Social Impact Workshop
SF Design Week, San Francisco, CA, January 2015


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