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Interaction designer @ frog
4 months
Website shipping in Sept 2013

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Kevin Hutchinson, Creative lead
Vicky Fang, Senior Interaction designer
Stephanie Meier, Interaction designer
Bryan Pieratt, Principal visual designer
Stefanie Krajnyak, Visual designer
Amalia Sieber, Visual designer
Jon Vincent , Program manager

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Imagine your last vacation. How many photos did you take? 50? 100? 200? What did you do with those photos after the vacation?

Everyone loves taking photos on vacation. But when you return home, most people are overwhelmed with their day-to-day lives and don’t have time to deal with these photos. People capture huge amounts of media, causing major organization headaches. On top of that, they usually feel pressure from their family to share photos immediately.

The goal of this project is to help users focus on the activities truly important to them: enjoying their vacation, reliving their memories, and sharing their stories.

Design Challenges

We identified 3 key challenges:

  1. How do we browse and access photos from a multi-day vacation?
  2. How do we view, buy, edit, or download a photo?
  3. How do we customize and improve an out-of-the-box photobook builder?

Challenge #1: Browse mental model

Our goal was to help save user's time by organizing their photos for them. In our new design, the user navigates by using day by day tabs and vertical scrolling. While the user flips through different days, they have access to a persistent action-pane on the left. The action pane gives easy access to sharing photos, adding more photos, viewing their favorite photos, and seeing timely promotions.

Challenge #2: Photo detail

Once a user selects a photo they like, they can take a variety of actions. They can add a border and buy it. They can add a sticker and make a mug. They can add a sticker and a border, and then download it. 

To address all these scenarios, we put the photo in a lightbox with the key action items at the top. Users can toggle back and forth between the actions, and the changes to the photo will stay the same. 

Old website   Photo detail decorate state

Old website Photo detail decorate state

Old website   Photo detail buy and edit state

Old website Photo detail buy and edit state

New final design     Photo detail decorate and edit state

New final design Photo detail decorate and edit state

New final design  Photo detail buy a download state

New final design Photo detail buy a download state

Challenge #3: Photobook

My final challenge was to help users create keepsakes with their photos. The photobook is the most popular keepsake, yet also most complicated to make. This design exercise was heavily constrained by the backend photobook tool that could not change in the redesign. 

We added a navigation and progress bar so user's had a clear idea where they were in the process, as well as to save and exit midway through a project. When redesigning the layout, we wanted to optimize the preview of the photobook, so we designed collapsing and expanding panels below the photobook.

Old design  Photobook select a cover

Old design Photobook select a cover

Old design   Photobook create pages

Old design Photobook create pages

New final design   Photobook s  elect a cover

New final design Photobook select a cover

New final design   Photobook create pages

New final design Photobook create pages

Old design  Photobook review and check errors

Old design Photobook review and check errors

New final design   Photobook review and check errors

New final design Photobook review and check errors

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